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untitled 2, 06 March ​1997

The frail figure

Brethren of the sun & the moon

Screamed in the middle of timeless


As she walked upon beside the shadow

Of which she found companionship

She aches to see the brightness of

The mother sun

And waits to be under the protection

Of the father moon

As enchanted as she is in a 

Serene mateship of her lover

She seeks for apeacement for

Her brethren & her dear lover

Ante-thesis to Final Cry- Anthology of

the Frail Figure and her Shadow, 2002

She wants to hear the Shadow

Pleading but deaf to any sound

Yet music plays...

Strumming from afar but no creature is found

White dress soiled with blood and mud

As she screams a proclamation

Rather unheard by her breathrens

'No more'...she says 'No more'

"This is my last and final cry!"

For my soul has suffered dread

Bitten by snakes

Overpowered by a strong Shadow...

Thrown into a blood flooded dungeon

Of sin and lust!

"This is my final cry"

And she says this to the creatures...

Of darkness and light

"My final cry"

As she whipsered tearlessy jerky screaks...

untitled 5, ​2002

Abysmal fortress forming barriers

As the trail figure in white

Sets her soul apart

From the realm of her shadow

Utter seclusion in key

Deliverance from mankind

Not vowing to vengeance

When vengeance is hope

The shadow shattered

Shivered and swelled

Moaning justice

Moaning peace

But as flesh rules the soul rots 

The shadow buried

Drown in its own blood

Final Cry, ​2002

Sweet surrender

As tears flow no more

Cherishing sweet dances of fantastic

Understanding of love gained & lost!

Sinking deep into the abysmal

Fortress of distress

Running hopelessly far from the

Dungeon where fire breaks

& snakes dance

As the shadow came unto an

Overpowering lights

Disappearing in a brightness well

Whispered by voices of his own 


The frail figure gone to a journey

Far more treacherous than

Pilgrims take

With closed eyes as to the betrayal

That lies ahead

untitled 9, ​2002

In a dark Halloween night

The frail figure stares at her reflection

On the nearby lake

Smiling on how she refused the shadow &

His dungeon...

She now walks in solitary motion dragging

Her sheer white dress

In pure exhaustion, she took refuge

Under a gigantic oak tree

Somehow wishing for the shadow to follow


Chronic vulgar pain abandons the

Air as it settles on the

Physical entity of the frail figure

She hears mellow drum rolls inside

Her soul

As she close her eyes, she enters

Her fantasy of wild dances with

Her shadow

Her eyes open, now wide awake

As she looks around

Harsh reality bites her hard

She looks around

Faint light came from the dungeon


The shadow dancing with the snake

untitled 8, ​2002

Every once in a while

We thought we fall in love

Attraction in its deepest stage

But rarely do we really do

Its a quest to find that one person

That one you would sacrifice for

Some people spend their whole life searching

Some just happen to find it by accident

But when you do

And when it feels right

Ask yourself

'Am I ready for this?'

And if you are

Face it with glee

Live it up

Even if it means surrender


untitled 4, ​2002

We met in the clouded days

Saw tomorrow in each others eyes

Took a step down the road

Walked with glee together you & i

Years passed

I guess you could say love fades

Said our goodbyes

Waiting for another hello

Wishing still 

Hoping more

Your love would glisten once more

Into the twilight of the sky

untitled 6, ​2002

Destroyed statements of justice unserved 

As frustration build up in the minds

Inner framework

As the frail figure faced her shadow

Unadorned with physical embodiment of 


She braced herself to  half denied


Or romance well skepticized by 

The surrounding beings of

Her existence

Pain abandoned her consciousness

Fear could not take place

Numbness well felt in oblivion

With instinctive reality

untitled 7, ​2002

You could own my body

My mind

My heart

You can even claim my soul for all I care

But there is one thing that is mine

And mine alone

...the essence of my being ego

...the motor which runs each part of 

Me threshold of pain (that make me endure) capacity to stand up in each down fall

...the blood that flows in my veins

...the hope that surprise offers

...the respect I owe myself

This I have & its called life

And no can take it away

Not even you...

The person I dared share it with

My sole existence is mine 

And Gods!

LOVE SONG, ​1997

Music floating in air

Caressing the ebony sky

With warm thoughts...

Destiny went running

Fulfilling sweet songs

Of a promise long whispered

By two lovers separated in time and space

Now, as the clock ticks

Sun shines in the dark alley of the east

Holding hands

Dreaming dreams together

Sinking in the esctatics of emotions...

untitled 3, ​1997

Sheer revolting anxiety

Taken over

Like a lost love being

Recovered by a thief in the


Sun setting glaring my


As faintly I stare into space

untitled, 04 March ​1997

A dark cloud befall unto the

Frail figure

As she journeyed through the sea

Of fairies & myths

Not a tear shed on this sorrow

For this she knows is a 

Temporal pilgrim

As she take a stop & breath

The stalled air

She closed her eyes & dream

Of dreams

A shadow she saw

She glanced & saw she wasn't alone