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dream, commit, succeed! series, 2012

paintings, mixed media on 24 x 96 mdf panels 

The Defy series of sculptures opened up the desire to act upon a DREAM I have had for a long time. The DREAM to start my own studio that encompasses all the disciplines that I am passionate about: architecture, interior, furniture, products, fashion & jewelry design, painting, sculpture, photography, writing... Yes, I am passionate about a lot of creative endeavors and I have been incessantly doing my best to give each passion the time it deserves to come to fruition. I have decided to COMMIT to this and my focus is to SUCCEED. There is hard work and effort not faced with a SHADOW OF DOUBT. DREAM, COMMIT, SUCCEED! was built on building blocks of memories and intent to make something happen, a clear and concise vision that is straightforward and devoid of fluff. DREAM were scribbles of my own internal mental language communicating a complex web of optimism for the future with a collage of a photograph of a lady climbing up a steep “hill of hope” encased in glass held by wires to protect holding on to ones dreams. COMMIT were a times piece. Symbolizing a commitment to time and ideas to sharpen ones focus to task at hand. SUCCEED ing is never black and white. There are many shades of gray in the scale of success and the feeling of it should not be based on outside opinions but your own version of success. SHADOW OF DOUBT casts a dark shadow on anyone’s optimistic approach to life in general. Most sources of doubt are irrelevant and random and should be discarded and cast away.