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DEFY is a series of plaster sculptures that studied the limits of the artist and the medium. She is an architect by trade, a mentor by choice, a student by necessity but always an artist at heart. The artist DEFIED the rules of conventional wisdom, balancing multiple responsibilities all at once, challenges her own capacity to meet her own expectations. This series exercises all that and more as she manages life’s ordeal and offerings with much gusto. The forms are 

inspired by contortionist poses that she dreams of doing but physically is incapable of, expressing it in proportions that test the structural limits of the wire supporting the plaster. In conjunction with this form experiment, she challenges what time will allow her to achieve while balancing a full time design job, teaching at a college, full time masters program, and multiple design projects on the side. DEFYING the reality of most working professionals by making sure her personal relationships are intact. Her DEFIANCE of rules and conventions in this most gentrified society is in itself art. The colors and patterns are all part of her repertoire that moves from environments, to paintings, to everyday objects defining a certain artistic style that is constant in all her work crossing a multitude of media. The finished work is DEFIANT of style, of form, of the feeling that it conjures when it casts shadows on the wall.

defy series, 2011

wire, foil, muslin cloth, plaster, oil paint, metal pigments, metal leaf.