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Jhoiey      is a self-proclaimed lifestyle diva. An architect by training, a designer by trade, a mentor by choice, a student by necessity, a natural trendsetter... but an ARTIST at heart. She constantly delves into her emotional depth exploring the world around her, looking for meaning and searching for answers. This body of work encompasses her journey of self discovery and learning over the past two and a half decades. Jhoiey is fierce and independent and stands her ground no matter what life places in front of her. She has studied art but prefers to rely on her instincts as she wants the rawness of her technique to more accurately capture what she feels in the moment. Jhoiey’s experiments in life and in her work, significantly show that cohesion is unessential when it is superceded by SOUL. As she reaches for a new maturity, building independence from partnership and institution... she is ready to start a new era in her work as she let’s go of the PAST.


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